ASOS vows to ban Feather, Mohair, Silk and Chashmere from site

Fashion Forward- ASOS to do more to prevent harm to animals.

A Peta approved move by ASOS – silk, cashmere, mohair and feathers will no longer be sold by the online fashion giant.

The decision, which has been based on preventing animal cruelty, follows similar, recent moves by Topshop, Marks and Spencer and H&M, all of whom no longer use mohair; a material taken from angora goats and used in items such as hats, jumpers and other fluffy accessories.

However, ASOS has gone one step further, banning other materials which many customers have never considered to be in the category of cruelty.

ASOS has vowed that come the new year, these cruelly obtained materials will no longer be used in any of its products.


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