Where to shop for a totally vegan friendly home

As the demand for cruelty free products grows larger each day, Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) announces its list of the UKs’ most vegan friendly homeware stores. IKEA, Zara and Anthropologie have been recognised by the organisation for their continued effort to ensure the goods customers consume are sustainable and ethical.

The prize for Best Vegan Sofa is awarded to Anthropology, for its turquoise Angelina sofa, made with durable polyester dolly “wool”; whilst Zara scooped up the title of Best Wool-Free Blanket for the funky, crocheted Plain Weave Multicoloured Blanket.

The popular Swedish furniture giant IKEA, has taken the award for Best Faux-Sheepskin Rug for its soft and warm Fårdrup rug, winning for a second time.

With the number of people choosing a vegan friendly lifestyle increasing, an estimated 350% in the last three years, it is no surprise that homeware stores are following in the footsteps of the food industry, offering the customer an ever-growing range of animal friendly goods.


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